Month: November 2019

Party Planning Tips to Help You Stage a Successful Party

by sumansuman

Planning a party can be difficult especially if you have a lot on your head. However, if you are planning a party for a long time, you might be able to have a good party but also must have a plan B if the plan is not in line with expectations. With some party planning tips, you can really make a good party and make your guests enjoy it more. Previously if you needed cheap table hire Sydney, marquee, and other party equipment, you can visit

Whether you are planning a party for a friend's birthday or you are planning a company party or a wedding shower, here are some of the party planning tips that will help you stage a good party for the guests.

  • Check out the menu for the party. Of course, the food is an important part of the party and you have to make sure that the type of foods you offer for your guests fit to the activities. Aside from that, you can also do some food tasting first especially if you are bringing in some caterer for the activity. Of course, the food's taste is an important consideration to make your party guests feel satisfied.
  • Decide whether the party should be something that is formal or informal. From here, you can then try to plan the details easily. You can think about the dress code, the venue as well as the activities for the day. Of course, if you are planning a party for the kids, you have to suit the party for the kids. If you are planning a more formal party, you have to decide early whether children are allowed so that you will not also offend guests who come to the party with children.
  • Learn how to choose your entertainment for the party. If you want a comedian to the event, make sure that you have at least known what type of jokes he has or his past performances. This way, you can also tell if he is appropriate for the guests you invited for the party. Aside from a comedian, you can also choose a magician, a disc jockey if you want music to be a great part of the party, or some other forms of entertainment good for such occasion.
  • Decide on the number of guests you want for the party. You have to decide on the size of the party that you want so you can also make a good estimate on the budget and you can book for a good venue that is not too crowded for the number of guests on your list. Indeed, this should be the first of the party planning tips that you have to keep in mind as well.

Before even trying to lay down the final details of your party, make sure that you have decided on the date of your party. Planning the date early is one thing that is also important in any party so that your invitees can save the date early. This will also allow you to book the venue early as well.

5 Benefits of Fingerprint Machine

by sumansuman

With the rapid development of information technology today, many things in our life use the convenience of technology. This includes the use of technology in time & attendance.

Technology in time & attendance now exists in the form of an attendance machine using fingerprints or known as fingerprints. This machine can detect the contour of the fingerprint structure of a person.

Well, what are the benefits that could get by using this fingerprint attendance machine? Here is the answer:

1. Record attendance time with accuracy

The benefits of using a time & attendance fingerprint machine for attendance is to be able to provide a very accurate record report, starting from the arrival time, rest time, home hours to shift hours. All can easily report by using this fingerprint attendance machine.

This attendance data will automatically be stored in the attendance machine database, so it will make it easier for attendance managers to report attendance data from the fingerprint machine.

2. Preventing absences

Another benefit of using a time & attendance fingerprint machine is to prevent it from being absent. It is no longer a secret that fake-absence is often encountered and carried out by company employees, students or teachers in schools, minimarket employees, etc. who still have no attendance machines or still use a manual system in the form of signatures.

Of course, this could harm the company, school or agency. But now, such things will no longer exist when they start to use time & attendance fingerprint machine. The fake-absence culture now can be stopped since it uses the fingerprint method, which cannot be replaced by another human.

3. Easier to calculate salaries and record bonuses

You will easily get many benefits if you use a fingerprint machine With this fingerprint machine, we can get accurate data information related to the calculation of salaries and overtime pay that will be received by employees based on their work time. Including salary reduction due to skipping work, leave, or illness.

So, arrival time, break time, hand-over shift time, will be seen in the monthly attendance report, to see whether the employee is going to get a bonus or not.

4. Control Door Access

Special features of the fingerprint attendance machine can also be used to provide access control in a specific room, such as document room, classroom, etc. Some special rooms that store important documents or for other purposes can also use this special feature, so, start then, no one will easily access a document room.

5. Avoiding human error

Time & attendance fingerprint machines are also very capable of preventing the emergence of human errors that will harm many parties, especially in the process of manually entering attendance hours into books. Now, you will no longer need to worry about fatigue, this attendance machine will record it very accurately.

It's time to say goodbye to human error!

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