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List of Medical Devices and Functions

by sumansuman

Medical Devices and Their Functions - Friends, this time we want to share information about medical devices and their functions. This introduction is very important for friends, especially medical students who require knowing medical device installation and their functions. For students, they might be confused in looking for references when they want to make a medical paper.

Therefore, I hope this article can be useful for you all. Not only does it introduce medical devices and their functions, we also present their images so that it makes it easier for friends to visualize each medical device. That way, you can't forget when you see this tool. Well, here are the medical devices and their functions that must be known:

Wheel chair

The function of a wheelchair to help people who have difficulty walking due to illness, broken bones or due to disability since childhood. Wheelchairs in the medical world there are two variants namely electronic wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs. As for the type, there are many standard wheelchairs such as wheelchairs for cerebral, standard wheelchairs etc.

Patient Bed

Bed patients are medical instruments that are used to treat patients. This tool serves to sleep patients who are hospitalized in the hospital. Bed patients are of two types, namely electric patient bed and manual patient bed.

Infant Warmer

Infant Warmer is a medical device that is used to warm a baby when newborn and has a temperature problem. That is, the baby has not been able to adapt to the temperature of the environment so often cold. Therefore, it is necessary to handle using this tool.

Baby Incubator

The incubator is a device similar to the mother's womb and is used for intensive care for babies. As with chickens, a mother needs to incubate the eggs to be perfect. Even with humans, if prematurely born is needed special and intensive treatment, because the baby is incubated.


Ultrasonography (USG) is a medical device that serves to image internal organs. With this tool you can find out the inside of the patient's body such as the fetus, kidney, liver, stomach, intestines, and so on. This tool includes sophisticated and modern tools.


X-Ray is a medical tool for imaging body parts in patients. At first glance is the same as ultrasound, but this tool uses x-rays and is commonly called a X-ray. Through this tool, parts of the body can be known and taken pictures.

The Motor Adventure Moto Guzzi V85T appearance that Amazes You

by sumansuman

What is in the mind of the automotive buddy hearing the name Moto Guzzi? Strange ? of course, friend, because not long ago the Italian motorcycle manufacturer entered our country, Indonesia. The arrival of this automotive manufacturer is of course besides giving a more varied choice to users, while providing its own color for the automotive world. Because Moto Guzzi has quite a number of unique motorcycle collections from its inception in 1921. Now the newest variant of Motto Guzzi is here at wheelsmotorcycles, if you want to buy the Guzzi Motto, you can buy it at wheelsmotorcycles, wheelsmotorcycles are dealers offering Moto Guzzi for sale UK

It could be said that this guzzi motorbike is one of the many automatic manufacturers who continue to maintain the characteristics of every thing they make. Just call the design, this is arguably the most different from the other motorbikes, this section Moto Guzzi still maintains the unique appearance of the engine to stand on each motorbike it makes. In the kitchen runway sector, or the engine, Moto Guzzi makes sure that the car seen stretches to the right and left.

Even up to the rear wheel drive, not using a chain as a connector as well as a driver, but he actually makes the axle as a borer. However, the existence of such a pattern becomes a distinct advantage, because you don't need to be afraid when you are at high speed, there are no more broken words due to usage, there is only noise when you replace the oil late, the presence of axle is superior and distinctive which is quite unique to Moto Guzzi.

In addition to the transmission and runway parts, the design of the body shape of Moto Guzzi is considered to combine classic and modern impressions, because most of the motors it makes appear thick in a retro atmosphere, namely Moto Guzzi V7II Racer, but there is also a Guzzi motto with full modern appearance, because the designation as a touring motor, Moto Guzzi designed a large body shape and supported it with an extra high suspension, which would make it comfortable to drive both long and short.

But once again even though the look in modern nuances, the matter of the engine is still made in a sideways appearance, only in the kitchen or the engine it carries looks more solid and does not leave the slightest hole, which is seen only engine block and various accompanying components. there are 4 categories that are owned by Moto Guzzi, consisting of Enduro, Naked, Touring, and Custom.