Do you have multiple Instagram accounts? Instagram is struggling with multi-accounts to avoid blocking – use a proxy. You can buy them, for example, at

How proxy works

The principle of a proxy is simple. The technology works according to the following algorithm:

  • The user sends a request to a specific site, but instead the information goes to the proxy server;
  • The proxy redirects the request to the site on its own behalf;
  • The sought resource believes that the request is originally sent by the proxy, therefore it gives it the answer that suits its IP; 0
  • The proxy receives the response, forwards it to the end user.

Thus, you can change your geographic location, IP, if necessary, other information.

Why is it needed

In addition to working with Instagram, proxies can be useful in other areas, for example, to gain access to blocked resources. This can be …

For any business, the decision to move the data over the cloud can be game-changing. Cloud storage and computing services play a crucial role in helping businesses scale their operations and optimize capacity without overspending. Enterprises also rely on companies offering managed IT services Virginia Beach. However, a number of companies are either reluctant or hesitant to migrate to the cloud. Misconceptions about cloud computing and cloud storage are among the biggest reasons a business might not be ready to migrate to the cloud.  

In this blog, we have discussed some of the most common misconceptions about cloud computing and uncovered the truth. 

  1. Once the data and technology on the cloud, the control is lost

This is the most significant myth people have about cloud computing. Even after moving your IT technology and data to the cloud, you can still fully manage and control them. Besides this, after moving …

Over the past couple of years, cloud usage has witnessed a significant rise. According to renowned research institutions, the global cloud computing network is expected to grow from $371.4 billion in 2020 to about USD 832.1 billion in 2025. This rise can be attributed to the fact that more and more organizations are realizing how beneficial the cloud is.

As much as a number of organizations are nowadays making use of the cloud, a good number of them are not always cloud compliant. Cloud compliance can be defined as the principle that cloud-delivered systems must be compliant with the standards their customers require. It can also be defined as the art and science of complying with regulatory standards of cloud usage in accordance with industry guidelines and local, national, and international laws.

Most Common Cloud Compliance Challenges

If you’re a businessman, it’s worth noting that as your business expands, you’re …

In today’s online era, for your business to succeed, you need to juggle through all sorts of things like social media marketing, advertising, content creation, etc. Meanwhile, people tend to forget the most important parameter that helps their business to grow, and that is web hosting. Handling web hosting can be a stressful job and thus, hiring a perfect hosting provider with a management solution needs to be there. As an option to VPS or shared hosting, one may search for the other solution that doesn’t require a lot of hassle.

In that case, your business requires ultimately managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Can you guess, what managed WordPress hosting means?

Well, as the name says, it’s a type of WordPress hosting provided with all the management solution. It is the complete opposite of DIY hosting, where the user needs to look after his/her hosting account.

People who are …