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How to Leverage Influencer Marketing for SaaS Products?

by sumansuman

Influencer Marketing is a new digital marketing format that has evolved in recent years, its dependence was less in the early internet marketing years when Facebook was delivering great organic reach.

But as platforms began trumping the organic reach to push their PPC advertising model, Digital Marketers had to shift to influencer marketing so that they can sustain their clients and help them get fantastic results from social media content marketing.

Right now if you search the topic influencer marketing on Google Trends, you will see that the trend is only growing, it’s not declining at the very least.

Influencers are people who have established themselves in a particular niche and through spectacular content, they amass a huge following, people follow them for their expertise in that niche.

People follow Tim the Bio Hacker because they are intrigued by the concept of biohacking and want to dig deeper into it so that they can benefit from it.

Influencer Marketing for a SaaS Startup is not just restricted to finding influencers on Social Media, Influencers in B2B Niches can found in blogs and email newsletters too.

Imagine you are a women-led startup that has launched this brilliant SEO product in the market wouldn’t it be great to get featured on the #SEOFOMO newsletter that has thousands of applicants and has established itself in the SEO Niche?

How do you go about it anyway?

1. Find the correct influencer

It begins with first finding the influencer that is a perfect fit for your SaaS product. You need to get the basics right. Finding the influencer who specifically caters to your niche, has baseline followers that get your product a decent reach, one who stays aligned to the niche.

Look at how he engages with this tribe, whether the people following him genuinely love him or not.

Looking for authenticity in his tone, one who is passionately promoting every other SaaS product will not be seen as a trustworthy resource by his followers.

And if your product is genuinely good then there is nothing to worry about if he says Xyz about my product.

2. Build Relationships that last

Don’t treat influencers as if they are a mere tool like a Facebook or Google Ads aimed towards delivering you a certain reach.

Influencers are human beings, and if you foster good relations with them then that goes a long way with them going overboard to promoting your product, actually trying your product, and promoting your product even after you are done paying them.

This happens only if you build relations.

You can nurture a community of influencers who promoted your product and stay in touch with them.

3. Think beyond numbers

Don’t make influencer marketing a number game for your SaaS Product. Sometimes in the pursuit of big numbers, you miss out on a niche audience who you could have tapped leveraging micro and nano influencers.

It is worth noting that in the SaaS industry generally the ticket size is higher and you receive a recurring earning out of your customers.

Considering this possibility, even if there is an influencer who has amassed a list of 250 people in his email marketing newsletter believe me it is worth collaborating with him to reach the very people who are your target audience.

4. Encourage Influencers to join your online community

Every SaaS Startup understands how important it is to build an online community of users, most of them go ahead and build one on Facebook Groups or Discord.

One way to make the community even great is encouraging the influencers to join your community so that your community tribes don’t just listen to you and that there is more for them to take.

The value that the industry influencer will add to the community is exactly what’s gonna stop our community tribe from leaving your community.

You can make it a habit to throw a watch party or AMA (Ask Me Anything)  sessions every week, deciding on a day and time that works for everyone, pick a topic and get the influencer to conduct these sessions.

It is important that the SaaS founder also participates in these sessions and proactively ask questions disguising himself as a community member. A leader volunteering encourages others to ask questions.

Summing it up

A SaaS Startup solves a unique problem for its users to get the word out it needs to leverage whatever resources it can.

Influencer Marketing is a go-to route when it comes to that, it allows you to tap into the pool of targeted audience for your product that already exists by leveraging some else’s network.

This is not to say that a SaaS shouldn’t build its presence on social media that is essential but at the same time, there is an opportunity to tap into the other audience segments which shouldn’t be abandoned.

9 Profitable Ways to Use Blockchain Technology for Your Online Business

by sumansuman

Are you thinking of a way to evolve your business and make it ready for the future?

Think about Blockchain technology. In this article, we’re going to give you the inside scoop, including what Blockchain is all about and practical steps you can take to profit from this in your online business.

Evolving your Business

Evolutions are necessary, in life and in business. From manual management to digital tracking, business management has also been through evolutions over the years.

As cyber fraud and online transaction scams became rampant, there came a need for a more secure way to make business transactions. And Blockchain is the way.

Since its inception, it has changed the scope of online businesses and digital transactions.

The system uses a series of digital technology to create a trustworthy environment for business transactions. Transactions made on it are not only secured but are also permanent. Because of this permanence, various businesses across the globe have adopted the system for their business activities.

Dean Schlenker at Cyber Controller was quoted saying "The Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency is the future and we have been designing and coding blockchain websites for over 5 years now as we see this as the way to service up services and product customers with hack proof coding"

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a system of records keeping in a secured and reliable digital environment.

Imagine a "very large notebook which everyone can read for free and freely, on which everyone can write, but which is impossible to erase and indestructible."

Information stored on the blockchain is impossible to change, hack or manipulate in any way. Simply put, the system is a form of the digital ledger which stores all transactions that are carried out on the internet at a single point.

Individual records on a blockchain are referred to as blocks, and the whole record lists are the chains, hence, the name "blockchain".

How Can You Use Blockchain for Your Online Business?

The system permanently stores blocks after blocks. This makes it difficult to edit any block because you will be required to edit all other blocks that come before it, which is impossible.

This is why many online businesses opt for blockchain when a sensitive transaction needs to be made.

The system can also be used as an alternative to wire transfers and other digital transaction platforms since it does not charge your business when you make huge transactions online.

There is also no cause for alarm regarding the span of transaction. Online business owners should opt for blockchain technology when there is a need for saving time and energy for making digital transactions.

Now, here are practical ways you can use blockchain tech on your online business that is sure to increase your bottom line.

9 Money-attracting Ways to Use Blockchain for Your Business

1. Set up unbanked banking for instant and faster transactions

There are several ways by which blockchain adds value to businesses and one of the most common methods is through unbanked banking.

Customers who do not have bank accounts can easily create an instant account online with a blockchain platform. This helps you as a business owner better build your business and increase your revenue generation.

Another way blockchain can add value to your business is through the lowering of processing time. Since everyone loves to spend less time on transactions, blockchain makes it happen.

And it only takes seconds for transactions to be completed. Hence, your business will be much preferred than others due to the value-added blockchain technology adoption. 

2. Boost financial security

Cyber fraud is easy with wired transactions and bankable accounts. But with a blockchain technology that is impossible to manipulate, there is a considerable reduction in the risk of cyber fraud.

The system also helps your business to get fortified in terms of digital security, as there is absolutely no need of sharing personal or business information while performing any digital transaction.

It also allows you to track your business account and all transactions with a single access point detail.

3. Keep and share records efficiently

Bookkeeping is one of the main reasons blockchain came into the business world. With the automatic record of every transaction on the network, the system can reduce the stress of this process.

Now, you can simply keep an eye on the transaction records, and also share them easily with your business partners without having to make manual records.

The technology also uses its dynamic network connection to make separate recorded files available for different businesses.

4. Raise capital with Crowdlending

It is easy managing a crowdfunding campaign with blockchain technology. There is no designated currency for the system, and it is also quite easy to calculate when transactions are made.

Businesses across the world have begun using the technology for crowdlending and raising funds to run the company.

It is safe and stress-free for making transactions on the decentralization network, which is why it is ideal for gathering revenue during a crowdlending campaign for your business.

5. Optimize supply chains

Blockchain technology can also handle the transit of goods and services to final destinations. The system reduces the stress of using other means to track supplies.

Inefficiencies and guesswork will also be eliminated when tracking goods. Because the technology allows you to verify where the goods are on the supply chain.

Using blockchain for the supply chain also offers easy and simplified control of your business.

6. Collect electronic votes

The system allows coordination between the boards or stakeholders of a company.

The analytics of block intervals, transaction sizes, and fee schedules help to reach a democratic decision for your company. The system will also provide a pool of resources to make important decisions regarding your business.

7. Ensure quality with Blockchain technology

In business, mistakes are very common, regardless of how much you try to avoid them. And it is often difficult for any business owner to pinpoint the mistake to a single source.

However, the blockchain system uses its pool of resources to trace mistakes to their point of origin. This makes business management easier and also saves your business a lot of money.

8. Pay employees easily

It is generally advisable to opt for a more convenient option when paying international employees. The difference in currency or residential area can cause a delay in payment or even a reduction in the total transaction valued due to charges being deducted. But this is eliminated with the blockchain system.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are better options for paying employees. Not only is the process much faster, but there is also no extra cost for your business because the technology does not charge your business for any transaction made.

9. Store information in secured cloud storage 

Blockchain technology reduces the cost of storing data for your business. By using this decentralized system, cloud storage can be used for storing important information online at no extra cost.

If there is a need to store large files, the system is also useful as bigger storage space can be purchased at a reduced price.

How to Delete all Your Personal Information from the Internet

by sumansuman

In this day and age, the existence of the internet seems inseparable from human life, both for the needs of information search, social media, shopping, and other online activities. One of the most widely used search engines is Google. As a multinational company, Google has the authority to store the personal data of each of its users, given that we have also used its services for free. As a result, a series of the necessary information will be displayed from various data collected, ranging from email addresses, social networking accounts, even photos to contact numbers if lucky.

However, what if we feel exploited by the internet and want privacy by eliminating traces recorded by search engines? Not to mention if our personal data information is used for negative purposes? Although it is not easy to delete all your personal information from the internet, at least you have tried the ways below.

The first step if you want to 'withdraw' from cyberspace is to delete all accounts on social networking sites, network services to online shopping sites

Keep in mind, whichever account you have your profile on. In addition to social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram, perhaps you still have public accounts on sites like Tumblr, Google+, or even private sites for example. Also included are online shopping sites that are also not to be missed.

If you want to delete the search, change your profile settings to private or private. Or, if you want your name lost altogether, you'll inevitably have to delete your entire account on the sites that follow.

Read Also: how to remove yourself from data broker sites

Contact the relevant site to be willing to delete the personal information listed there

This happens if you have a personal website or company where you work that lists your data. Well, if you want to delete a forum post, you'll need to contact the webmaster of the site individually. Take a look at the 'about us' section or contact the site page to find the right person to contact. If you don't know, you can go to and search for contacts from the domain name you want to contact.

While personal site operators are under no obligation to delete your posts, be polite and state clearly why you want them removed so they can immediately follow up on your complaint.

Make sure your phone number is safe from searching the internet by asking your provider for help

Phone number is one of the information that is private and worth your protection from cyberspace. Try asking the provider to delete the information associated with your phone number. Similarly, other customer databases that can make your name and phone number details are stored on the internet. This can help you to avoid pranksters or unknown parties contacting you as you please.

7 Games on This Playground Support Toddler Motoric and Sensory Movements

by sumansuman

A playground is a fun place, especially for toddlers. They can play various games such as seesaw, slide, swing, and other games.

Games that are made on a playground are not without purpose, you know. In particular, it plays a role in stimulating your child's gross motor skills and sensory skills. These skills will later be useful for the child's daily life, to prepare him for school later. Among them, children will be better at focusing on learning, nourishing their bodies, and building self-confidence.

So, here are the benefits of 7 games that are generally available on playgrounds.


Slides are one of your children's favorite games. When playing the slide, he will climb the ladder first and this trains him to maintain balance and coordinate his eyes, feet, and hands before finally slumping down. For those of you who want to buy Pikler at an affordable price, you can try Pikler Bogen. This product is made from environmentally friendly materials such as natural wood and plywood, which are protected in an environmentally friendly and child-safe way.

Wall Climbing

This game may be suitable for children who are quite active and like challenges. How not, because it is quite extreme because it allows children to climb and be at a height. Through this game, he will train him in coordinating the order of the hands and feet when climbing, balance the body and develop the strength of his fingers. Not just walls, some playgrounds provide similar games made of ropes.


Or a tube-shaped game that requires your child to crawl in it until the exit. This game can stimulate muscle strength and body coordination.


One of the favorite toys too! Swing is a source of vestibular input or that plays a role in good balance, coordination, and control of body movements. Because the body is required to move so that the swing continues to swing. The thrust of the legs when playing the swing plays a role in developing sequencing and motor coordination skills for toddlers.

Hanging pole

Playing hanging poles trains the upper body strength of toddlers and the hands, as well as coordinating them. The hanging pole is also a good vestibular input.


A seesaw requires coordination, sequencing, and cooperation between two children at the same time, to create an up and down motion. The balance and strength of the core of the upper body are very necessary when your child is up and down. Not only that, but your kids are also learning teamwork and coordination with the friend in front of them.

Spring Rider

Seat springs or spring riders are usually played by moving back and forth. Even though it seems ordinary, this game provides proprioceptive benefits or senses that are responsible for giving messages related to body position and movements. Not only that, but spring rider is also beneficial for the vestibular when the body moves. Toddlers who play this game need to coordinate their body movements to make the spring chair they ride move and balance.

How to Get Positive Google Reviews

by sumansuman

Getting positive Google reviews has the ability to increase people's sales. People need positive comments on the products they sell through Google or on the Google image of their location. Positive comments have an increasing effect on people's earning potential.

People who have placed on Google or want to print positive reviews on their sites should first have different and innovative themes suitable for the target audience they address. Photos of a retail store on Google should be clear and an attractive design should be arranged for the venue. Bookstores, cafes, and music venues especially have a high potential to attract attention in this sense.

Get Google 5 Star Reviews

Google 5 star reviews is needed by many people. Because people who want to rise in potential will reach higher qualifications thanks to this feature. The stores of people with a high star on Google are visited more, especially if there is a potential to sell online, their sales rates will increase significantly.

This situation, which should be evaluated especially by newly opened stores, has a determining effect on the fate of the place they opened. Receiving positive comments on Google can be achieved with customer satisfaction. But the store must have a large number of customers. Because the person who visits every store will not comment on Google.

How to Get a Positive Review on Google?

People who want to get positive comments on Google should satisfy their customers and ask them about it. It should not be forgotten that internet sales affect the destiny of companies. People can only profit from internet sales by opening the perfect venue to a dead street. Or it can make people visit their place. Today, people prefer to search for places to go and shop on the internet. Therefore, using this power of the internet is important in terms of ensuring that newly opened places gain high profits.

Besides, people can advertise on Google and other social media platforms. He can invite famous people to their venues and share in their accounts. In this case, it should not be forgotten that it will have an increasing effect. It is very important that people who want to see a rapid rise are good at their jobs. Support will not be denied to those who really put a lot of effort into their work and aim to be a quality place.

Buy Google Reviews

In addition to the effort spent, different design ideas, and customer satisfaction, supplements such as buying Google reviews may be needed to get positive reviews on Google. These services, which are sold at an affordable price, will contribute to the growth and promotion of people's profiles faster. Buying Google 5 star reviews have the effect of increasing the sales potential of people's places. It should not be forgotten that 5-star venues or sales stores are more prominent and visited more.

It is very simple to make a profit with InstaFollowers with an SSL certificate. The site, which does not share the payment information of the persons and does not demand the password of their Google accounts, is among the most reliable sites where these services can be preferred. The company, where people can benefit from the best price to buy Google reviews, suggests offers with campaigns as the number of reviews increases. Besides, InstaFollowers is a company that provides trust, aims to develop, and supports it with its long years of experience.