With just a few days remaining for the start of the much-awaited second phase of the Indian Premier League, cricket fans worldwide are excited to watch IPL live and see their favourite players on the ground again. After the tournament was suspended midway as few players and support staff members tested positive for Covid-19, IPL 14 is all set to start from September 19 in the UAE. The first phase witnessed 9499 runs scored by all teams in 29 matches out of 60.

Delhi Capitals is ranked at the top of the points table with 12 points with six wins from eight matches.  At the time of suspension, Delhi Capitals scored 1325 runs, the highest by any team. Rishabh Pant leads the Delhi team and is the top contender for the trophy in the tournament. Delhi Capitals lost to Mumbai Indians in the final match of IPL 2020 by five …

Manual vacuum forming machine

The technological method of vacuum forming is one of the most demanded in the field of creating products from polymers. It is a modern promising trend in the production of small, medium, and large-sized plastic products. With a manual vacuum forming machine, you will have an affordable opportunity to create molds from all kinds of polymeric materials for all major industrial sectors.

Vacuum forming equipment is simple and concise in the design. It is developed and manufactured by specialized companies (for example, MACHINETIC) and small private enterprises. 

What Is a Vacuum Forming Machine?

A vacuum forming machine is a well-functioning mechanism for molding plastic from polymer materials. It consists of a forming table, a metal frame for fixing the sheets, heating lamps, an air evacuation module, and a cooling device. Thanks to the systematization of the production process, the work on heating the plastic, “wrapping” the master model with …

What comes to mind when you see red with white writing in it? Perhaps we will first think that it is the epitome of Coca-Cola. Or maybe when you are on the road and see a green jacket, we immediately guess that it is a jacket from the GO-JEK brand.

Why do we remember what are the characteristics of these brands? This can happen because those companies have strong and alluring branding making it easier for people to remember.

Good branding can indeed provide a variety of benefits for the brand. For example, when people are faced with a wide selection of similar products, they will tend to prefer products that stick in their memory, or at least they will try those products.

In addition, strong branding will also make it easier for brands to sell various merchandise made, and this will be interesting for people to collect a variety …

Influencer Marketing is a new digital marketing format that has evolved in recent years, its dependence was less in the early internet marketing years when Facebook was delivering great organic reach.

But as platforms began trumping the organic reach to push their PPC advertising model, Digital Marketers had to shift to influencer marketing so that they can sustain their clients and help them get fantastic results from social media content marketing.

Right now if you search the topic influencer marketing on Google Trends, you will see that the trend is only growing, it’s not declining at the very least.

Influencers are people who have established themselves in a particular niche and through spectacular content, they amass a huge following, people follow them for their expertise in that niche.

People follow Tim the Bio Hacker because they are intrigued by the concept of biohacking and want to dig deeper into it …

Are you thinking of a way to evolve your business and make it ready for the future?

Think about Blockchain technology. In this article, we’re going to give you the inside scoop, including what Blockchain is all about and practical steps you can take to profit from this in your online business.

Evolving your Business

Evolutions are necessary, in life and in business. From manual management to digital tracking, business management has also been through evolutions over the years.

As cyber fraud and online transaction scams became rampant, there came a need for a more secure way to make business transactions. And Blockchain is the way.

Since its inception, it has changed the scope of online businesses and digital transactions.

The system uses a series of digital technology to create a trustworthy environment for business transactions. Transactions made on it are not only secured but are also permanent. Because of …

In this day and age, the existence of the internet seems inseparable from human life, both for the needs of information search, social media, shopping, and other online activities. One of the most widely used search engines is Google. As a multinational company, Google has the authority to store the personal data of each of its users, given that we have also used its services for free. As a result, a series of the necessary information will be displayed from various data collected, ranging from email addresses, social networking accounts, even photos to contact numbers if lucky.

However, what if we feel exploited by the internet and want privacy by eliminating traces recorded by search engines? Not to mention if our personal data information is used for negative purposes? Although it is not easy to delete all your personal information from the internet, at least you have tried the ways …

A playground is a fun place, especially for toddlers. They can play various games such as seesaw, slide, swing, and other games.

Games that are made on a playground are not without purpose, you know. In particular, it plays a role in stimulating your child’s gross motor skills and sensory skills. These skills will later be useful for the child’s daily life, to prepare him for school later. Among them, children will be better at focusing on learning, nourishing their bodies, and building self-confidence.

So, here are the benefits of 7 games that are generally available on playgrounds.


Slides are one of your children’s favorite games. When playing the slide, he will climb the ladder first and this trains him to maintain balance and coordinate his eyes, feet, and hands before finally slumping down. For those of you who want to buy Pikler at an affordable price, you can …

Getting positive Google reviews has the ability to increase people’s sales. People need positive comments on the products they sell through Google or on the Google image of their location. Positive comments have an increasing effect on people’s earning potential.

People who have placed on Google or want to print positive reviews on their sites should first have different and innovative themes suitable for the target audience they address. Photos of a retail store on Google should be clear and an attractive design should be arranged for the venue. Bookstores, cafes, and music venues especially have a high potential to attract attention in this sense.

Get Google 5 Star Reviews

Google 5 star reviews is needed by many people. Because people who want to rise in potential will reach higher qualifications thanks to this feature. The stores of people with a high star on Google are visited more, especially if …

How to use the Alight Motion application for beginners

Alight motion is a video editor and animation editor application that is quite popular among multimedia kids. In fact, not a few YouTube content creators use this application to edit their videos.

Because this application is not popular enough among the public, not many people can operate this application properly. Examples of how to make a light motion that are widely used are making transitions, tutorials on making and so on

But before I explain the procedures for using you must be download on here Alight Motion app, I want to explain the interesting features of the Alight Motion application. Check out the following explanation!

4 Interesting Features Available in Alight Motion

1. Without a Watermark

In general, the developer application includes a watermark in the video editing application he makes. It also aims to protect and protect their applications, so that they can only be used by users …

Medical Devices and Their Functions – Friends, this time we want to share information about medical devices and their functions. This introduction is very important for friends, especially medical students who require knowing medical device installation and their functions. For students, they might be confused in looking for references when they want to make a medical paper.

Therefore, I hope this article can be useful for you all. Not only does it introduce medical devices and their functions, we also present their images so that it makes it easier for friends to visualize each medical device. That way, you can’t forget when you see this tool. Well, here are the medical devices and their functions that must be known:

Wheel chair

The function of a wheelchair to help people who have difficulty walking due to illness, broken bones or due to disability since childhood. Wheelchairs in the medical world there …