The stirring process is common in biological and chemical laboratories all over the world. The researchers require good laboratory equipment to make their work easier and more consistent. Wrong stirring leads to inaccurate results. That’s why laboratory technicians require magnetic stirrers to move the stir bar around and mix the samples thoroughly.

Types of Magnetic Stirrers

There are various types of magnetic stirrers that are classified according to applications, size, and configuration. The common ones in the market are; Magnetic mini stirrer, battery powdered stirrer, air operated turbine, and magnetic stirrer with timer.

Benefits of Magnetic Stir in Laboratory Experiments

Used in Chemistry and Biology Laboratories

Before the invention of magnetic stirrers, students and researchers using manual ways to mix laboratory samples. But, today, the use of magnetic stirrers has made the process of mixing solids or liquids in labs easier. Other magnetic stirrer plates have compact sizes to save …

 Project is a temporary, one time effort, which is completed by, for, and devoted to, one organisation or individual. A project may be a section of a much larger problem, or a series of similar activities, often related to a defined problem, that require and complete resources in order to complete the project. As on a PRINCE 2 Foundation Course qualification.

The aim of project management is to attain a particular goal by the use of information, time and costs, set in time and existing resources.  A project will usually, and in its most basic definition, be only a temporary exercise. In practice, project management involves increases in resource consumption, and includes the management and use of project software and resources.

The project conceptual framework used to describe a project is filed as a module with the program, and a separate module is filed for each phase in the …